PTC SITE: If You want to earn money online. For the first time to listen about PTC work. Full form of (Paid To Click)

Create an account on a PTC website and click the link and earn.

Find Out the two type of Website.

  2. Fake SITE

A legal PTC website paid to properly. But Fake website can’t pay anymore.

But How Much Pay From a PTC.

As usual pay for one click 0.001 cents.  For Bangladesh money 0.8 Paysha. If you click in 1000 then you will pay for $1 dollar. I think so, it’s better to bigger. Because of a bigger earn to 2tk every time but if you earn to 2tk in PTC site Need to 25 clicks. And You are waiting for after per click 10 or 20 seconds every time.

If the PTC website pays for per click in upper then 0.001 cents. So, this PTC website 100% fake.

Have To Type of opportunity to earn money PTC website.

If you earn money with the referral program of PTC website. It’s not a huge income for you.

So, Which is the best thing to earn money PTC website?


The best way to earn money from PTC sites is to invest. You might be able to earn well by buying preferred by investing a lot of money. I do not know if But is someone who has succeeded in this way. If you really want to be a successful freelancer, then PTC will throw it out of mind.

Better Option For Online Earning – Micro Jobs

It’s better to earn money with micro work. And this company pay a good amount for this work. If you are a good worker, you can earn 200 to 300 dollars per month.

Normally 4 to 5m to complete a task. Takes time. And you can earn from 50 cents to $ 2 for each job. There are some good quality micro websites. From which you can earn a good.

But you have to work in a practical way. You can view this tutorial on how to work on a micro website and open an account.




Have Any question Please contact us. Or commend the post below.  Happy Earning……

Do Not Try To Earn From PTC Site [Advice]
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