PayPal Business App

PayPal Business App image
PayPal Business App

Available Device: iPhone Only

Working Style: Easy To send Your Invoices and track your sales. You can send your invoices fast. And Manage your sales track activity.

Opportunity: Transfer Your money anywhere any time to PayPal Business app.

Future option:
See Monthly, quarterly and yearly sales trends as you wish. Have some business tools in google who helps to your business.

PayPal: Mobile Cash Money Transfer App

PayPal Mobile Cash App image
PayPal Mobile Cash App image

Tap Your PayPal Money

Send Your PayPal money anywhere anytime within seconds. Send Your Money With email address or mobile number.
Three Words:
NO-1. Send.
NO-2. Receive.
NO-3. And Spend Money.

Send Your Money Within Seconds

More Than 100 country available in money transfer service. When the money arrives in there account, then you can spend money online or withdraw.

Free Money In PayPal

Get Paid Easy

Send a request for money that can pay you only with a single tone. Whether you’re collecting money for a group gift or something that you sell online, PayPal Mobile Application makes it easy for them and makes it even easier for you.

With PayPal whenever you send, receive and spend money, the application to help you keep track of it all in an instant notification is sent.

Whether you use PayPal credit, your balance, your bank, or your debit and credit cards to pay with PayPal – and you do everything you only need to manage the secure payment application can find it all.

PayPal Here – Point of Sale

Avabile Device: iPad Only.

PayPal Point of Sale App Image
PayPal Point of Sale App Image

PayPal Point Sale Description

No-1. A free application and PayPal mobile card reader.
No-2. One device – all PayPal chip card reader investment chip cards, contactless, are receiving traditional swipe payments.
No-3. Major US credit with American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover Pay only 2.7% of a card swipe, chip or contactless transactions.
No-4. A standard tip of the customers Quickly picks or enter yourself.
No-5. View and manage your sales history.
No-6. Text and email custom receipts.
No-7. Add multiple users to the device.

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