Why is Rose used on Mother’s Day?

The flower is considered as a symbol of purity. Flowers are used in any kind of afforestation. There is nothing in this world of purity like mother’s love. That is why Mother’s Day is celebrated all over the world.
History Of Mother’s Day
Mother s Day Card Pictures
Each flower has a characteristic of its own. And according to the characteristics of this flower. Flowers of different colors are used for different purposes. We will discuss the importance of flowers on Mother’s Day.
Note: Although there is no special day for love or respect for Mother.

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Use of flower symbol


  • The rose is associated with the Greek god of Isis. And the rose is also used as a symbol of Virgin Mary. The yellow rose means friendship and red and white roses symbolize unity.

Tulip: Tulip is used as a symbol of life and spring. Again white tulip represents purity and pink Tully refers to affection.

Carnations: It believed to be the tears of Mary Jesus because it was the first symbol of Mother’s love and Pink Cornish was the first to emerge from the ground.

Orchid:  Who is using the orchids as love, beauty, refinement for the child.

Lilacs:  not just used as an imagination new love. Mother and baby used as a symbol of love.

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Mother’s Day, As a Good Gift For Any Flowers.

Mother's Day Gift
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Mother’s Day Gift information collect to MySurvey Website

In 2018, according to the NAFF, about $ 23 billion was spent on Mother’s Day. About 180 dollars for almost every mother. The cost was 77% and flowers at 69%, 55% for the mother to buy food. And costume for mom 4.6 billion.

Source: https://edition.cnn.com/2013/09/06/us/mothers-day-fast-facts/

Mother’s Day Index 2018: Mom’s value inches higher, but she’s not feeling it

Interesting facts to know about mother’s day

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