Problem-1. Money Withdrawl Problem.

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There is no freelancing withdraw money problems. There is a third party to solve this problem. There are many third parties online banks that will help you transfer money. Yet it is not acceptable in all countries.

Internation Money Transfer Media: PayPal, MoneyBooker, Freshbooks, XeroBonsai, Escrow, Western Union, MoneyGram, Xoom.

Have no method in online to transfer your money available. The makes a big problem with online marketing or another platform. I am Bangladeshi and Need to invest in the US. But It’s made huge problem one think transfer money. And Should not get it’s easy.

Example: If you are a blogger. And your blogging media is WordPress. Now need to pay for a tools WordPress premium program. But have no option to pay for easy. Lot’s hassle to make for your online payment. For the reason, you lost an opportunity.

Solution: Need to concentration this subject in parliament. Other ways have no ways to solve the problem. Have no idea for this reason billion of dollar lost a government.

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Problem-2. The Lack of Proper Guideline for Freelancers.

Everyone make a money in online today or tomorrow. But you think that is it’s possible to earn. My question answer is NO. No ways to earn money online without any experience. An experience that means working knowledge.

At first, Start your freelancing career before knows that how to start earning online. And Which platform is best for me.

Then start learning this subject fully. Maybe you are a photographer, graphic designer, video editor, writer, whatever you are.  But have a condition please learn to make a master. Otherways not to possible to succeed.

Solution: Need a platform who helps to make money online with proper ways. This platform tech online earning course. Who tech up A to Z about online earning. Also not possible to online earning success.

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Problem – 3. Professional Training Center

Skillshare one of the professional freelancing training center. More then 2000+ video tutorial in skill share website. Learning Subject Design, Business, Technology, Photography, Entrepreneurship, Film, Writing etc.

NOTE: Download a Mobiel App and make money. It’s totally useless idea to online earning. So, don’t go this way as if possible to learn about Photoshop, Video editing work. It’s best for starting online earning.

4. Earn Money By Creating A Website

You can make your blog and earn money online without any hassle. And the system is best for everyone. If you make a blog about news, media, food, software review, product review more, then you get a huge success in blogging. True way for everyone for making money online without spending anything.

The Biggest Problem With Online Earning, And How You Can Fix It

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