Hello sir, Welcome to the article. Today I will be discussed the subject of How to create a blog to earn money. Or How to earn extra cash quick in online. When you read the article, you will be an upgrade of one step. Because of This article cover the whole subject proper ways.

More than 1000 of the category in blogging. Like the personal blog, business blog, education blog, subject-based blog, teaching blog more.

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Which blog is best for online earning? And How to create the blog. How many ways an earn money blogging?

How To Create A Blog To Earn Extra Cash In Online

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    How to Create A Blog?

    Simple to make a blog online. Create your blog in two system one is Free and another is paid. As you wish to create a blog. The free platform is WordPress, Blogger, Weebly, and Tumblr. You can choose anyone.

    Blog Topic.

    If you want to earn money online with blogging. So, Teaching blog is the best for you. Like the subject of English Education, SEO, Blogging, Math, Science, Beauty, Recipe, Design, Make money etc.

    Second Option is Creating Blog For extra money.

    Lifestyle is the best topic to create a blog. An Information related blog is best for earning.

  • 1. Ads Publisher.

    There are many companies online. Who gives the opportunity to earn extra cash? Just go to the company website and create an account. When you complete sing up, you got a permission to published ads. Popular ads provider company is Google Adsense.

  • 2. Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate Marketing is another option to earning blog. Write a product-related article and provide the product like to your blog visitor.

    When someone like the link, and buy the product. You can get the commission when will sell the product.

  • 3.Refer Income

    When you create a blog post, then you link to another page or own page. On the way, when you make a blog post refer a link to another page.

  • 4. Sell Your Own Product

    Have a blog an every e-commerce website. Why? Because this blog promotes the product is online. Have an own business so, you can sell the product online. Create the best content for your product and sell it’s online.

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Extra Cash Quick In Blogging

  • Sell Your Blog Ads Position

    You are a top level blogger and every day you got the traffic more than 10,0000. So, It’s time to magic income in blogging. You don’t think that how much you earn money from your blog.

    I would like to Ads on your blog. Now you decide on price according to the Ads position. You can not think how much it might be worth. Generally, the value of Ads on left or right side is $300 to $500 for 4 days or 5 days.

  • Content Marketing

    I want to write a blog on your blog. And if you paste my text on your blog then I’ll pay you. $70 to $80 are taken for a typical writing. Sometimes its amount can be much higher. A popular blog earns millions of dollars by writing a text of another.

Online Earning Sources Without investment.

How To Create A Blog To Earn Money [Extra Cash Quick ]

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