Life partner and boyfriend are two different subjects. Again, it becomes the same topic when Boyfriend becomes a life partner. So you think VS why? I do not see any war between a life partner and a boyfriend.

So today we will see how to choose life partner and boyfriend.

The First Step to Choose a Boyfriend.

  • Do Not Just Consider Handsome: You can not choose people to look at external beauty as we all know about it. Of course, the duty should be done. A lot of fan and believer need to find a man. That will give you the freedom to keep you happy. If you do not have respect for your loved ones, you can not trust him.

  • The story of Bad Love: The story of the Honors Fast Year I read My friend Rumi suddenly fell in love with a man. Everything was going well for two to three months. But after two or three months I saw the friend’s mind. I asked myself if the friend is upset about you She said, angry with the lover has become angry. I felt a little embarrassed to hear but I did not want to know what caused the anger to be angry.

    I certainly sat with some advice. I do not know how much work was done but the relationship was not long. I said that there is no condition in love. She does not like you because you find the reason for it. He who does not laugh at your happiness loves you.

Who perfects for your life?

  • Forget about who you love. Keep in mind what you love. But there is one thing here that you love him as you love him. Do not forget yourself in dirty words. You have to understand who really loves you. Who perfects for your life?

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Life partner and love

Life Partner

If your loved one does not want to be a good friend, then he does not have any good home. Can say, loveless love? You will not be aware of whom you will spend the whole life. Once you go ahead and think about your life partner, everything will change.