Easy Work Picture
Easy Work Picture

Talk about that Online Micro Jobs. I hope everyone is good. In the small work on the Internet, I came to some sites with some earning money in front of you.

Many people know the names of these sites already. Today’s writing for those who do not know about them.
Easiest Way Student Earn Money Online

Amazon Mechanical Turk image

1. Amazon MTurk – Micro Jobs

Amazon MTurk Micro jobs Website. See the image below and click the link creating a worker account. Complete your profile and give the test for this work.

NOTE: Online Earn 10 Useless idea

2. Microworkers

This site is very popular. You can earn within seven days of starting work. You can not make many accounts.

If you have more than $ 9, you can withdraw money with PayPal, Payzapp, and Moneybookers. Microwork Sign up

3. Shorttask

This site is a lot better. Many accounts can not Make. If you have more than ten dollars, you can make money with PayPal.

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4. MinuteWorkers

This site has earned enough reputation as a good site. If the referral gives you five cents and your referral completes a job, you will get ten cents.

If you exceed $ 2, you can withdraw money by 10% fee. But if there are more than ten dollars, no fee will be paid. Can pay money with PayPal, and Payza.

Micro Jobs In India

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5. Microtoilers

Besides to the account at this site will get $ 1. You can earn referrers. 5 dollars for the first time to raise the money. After more than 9 dollars you can collect the money.

6. Jobboy

With one account on this site, you will get one dollar. This site has a referral system. If you are ten dollars, then you can collect money with PayPal, and PayZa.

7. MicroJob [Website Close]

You can describe your work by creating your own profile on this site. As well as doing small things can earn income. PayPal, PayZa and human customers can collect the money.

But it takes 30 days to get money.


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INFO: Micro Jobs Are Stop her business.  

8. Print dollars

There is a referral system for this site and others. The first time you need 25 dollars to collect the money.

9. Deshiworker [Close]

This site is from Bangladesh. But the directors are trying very hard to keep its standards. Those who know English less can try to earn from this site. This site is improving day by day.

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10. Centworkers [Close]

If anyone can join this site 10 cents. If your referral works then earn $ 100. But for that, you get 1 dollar 50 cents. If you get $ 5 more then you can collect money with Papal, PayZa, Maniburkas.


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Micro Jobs Example

  • Images and File uploading Work.
  • Collet the information to the particular website.
  • Write an article about target website.
  • Introduce a website to different forums, blog, social media, group etc.
  • Exchanges the link two websites.
  • Help to sell the online product.
  • OCR (Optical Corrector Regeneration) Correct the wrong information.

How to do this micro jobs? Full Work example

10 Best Website for Online Micro Jobs [Easy Work]

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