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Google helps for the small business holder. For this, easy to handle your business. Maybe you are starting an e-commerce business. So, need to contact your customer any time. If you try to contract with over the phone. It’s highly cost and connect with all time this phone. So, How to solve the problem?

PayPal also provided the service Small business App.

Hangouts Google Business Chat App

Google Hangouts image
Google Hangouts image

It’s google chat Apps you can use for your business. 2 Virson are available in marketplaces Desktop and Android.

Download Apps: Hangouts
Download Option.
Hangouts Dialer.

Google G Suite

Everything is one package. Easy to handle your business meeting. Create your project file any time anywhere. And Carry on your all business document in a pocket.
No-1. Gmail
No-2. Docs
No-3. Drive
No-4. Calendar

G Suite Business Benefits

Send Your Business email and make a group mailing list. Like
G suite gives 30GP online store for every client. 24/7 hour’s online support and get question feedback all time. Don’t worry about your G suite security. Two-step security means SSO (single-sign-on).

Mobile Device Management:
You can easily manage your company with information on the device, locate the device requires a password, and the data required to allow you to keep safe.

Easy Data movement
Use our migration tools and services to your current storage solutions are important to your organization to move data from the G-suite.

Google Gybo

Google gybo helps to find out your business location in Google Map. Add Your business information in Google BYbo.
Helps to grow your local market.
Step-1. Go to Gybo Website.
Step-2. Attract new customers with your free Google listing. (Enter Your Business Name or City)
Step-3. See the Image Below.

Business Location setup image
Business Location setup image

Step-5. Fill up the form and Submit.

Google Business Location From image
Google Business Location From the image
Free Google Applications And Service For Small Business [Helping App]

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