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When you create a portfolio, the moment you should certainly keep in mind the job. If you have a website, then create a page of portfolio. If you do not have a website, you can use different tools. You can make your portfolio beautiful in 5 easy ways.

There are different types of portfolios. Generally, the portfolio is tailored to the profession. The tools that can be used to make freelancing portfolio beautifully are shown below.

How to create a portfolio. Tools that will help you to create portfolios.

Canva Portfolio tools

1. Canva

  • Canve A tool to create a popular portfolio. You can use this tool in two ways free and paid. Not just portfolio, Facebook cover page images, YouTube covers, Twitter covers, logos, infographics etc.

    Register with name, email number. No registration fee is available for registration. There are different types of themes. Select according to your job, then it will only be edited.

Portfolio making tools image

2. Picmonkey

  • Picmnkey is a popular graphics design tool. You can design mobile apps by using this tool. Where to design a mobile app, it costs 300 to 500 dollars. You can make it here at a very low cost.

    You can work with this tool in four ways. That is, photo editing, touch up, design tools, college.

    Each topic has different tutorials. You can work very easily because this tool works on the drug and the drops system.

    However, this tool makes full paid progressiveness. You can use the free trial version.

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3. Piktochart

  • Piktochart Pitch art is a tool for infographics and presentations. The steps of working on this tool are to select a template first, then design the template as your choice, save it by downloading it.

    There are 277 templates available here. You can choose any design you like. This tool can be used full freely.

Portfolio writer image

4. Squarespace

  • Squarespace The virtual presentation is important in the field of design. The design is a big issue when you want to know about something else. There is a good structure to write or say a subject.

    If you highlight something randomly, it will not be good for your product. Design key to creating a portfolio.

    When creating a bio-data, be sure to see how the topics are presented. Let’s give an example, suppose you are a marketing officer. You will submit a biodata to one.

    What do you have to do in this case? Firstly, you will be able to read the details of your story, secondly describe your experience, third you will use the reference. And this is the way to properly describe a task.

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  • Easel a website to give the service to make an infographic. Here the two way to create your infographic Free and paid. You may create your first infographic free then you like the service they get paid.

    More then 1000 infographic template is here. The whole template does not get to free.

The 5 Tools You Can Use to Create a Portfolio.[Bio-Data]

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