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You know the book name of “You Can Win” [Shiv Khera]. He said that intellectuals have done the same work differently. Why did he say that surely there are many things hidden in it?

In the freelancing website, you can see that as soon as one project is submitting, more than 100 bid is done. But only one gets this job.

The newcomers always know how I get the job. Because we do not have a review. See if I am a buyer, I want to give the job to someone who is experienced.

But I did not say that I would not give any work to anyone. You do not have to come to me in new or old ones. I want my job to be right.

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When you finish reading this article, understand why a freelancer is successful.

How to write a successful proposal?


Subject: Blog Post Writing.

Category of: Product Brand

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1. What should be a star proposal?

Hello, Sir, I am expert in blog post writing within 5 years. I understand your description. I will never disappoint you anymore. I shall give the SEO Friendly content and more.

Not a bad proposal. If I am a buyer so, What do I want? This the fact of biding.

See The jobs description below. Read the box article…..

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You must highlight the subject when you will bid the project. I am 100% sure the buyer open your profile. What about you know that not matter to a buyer. I want to be work on my topic.

So, you are a genius, perfect this is not a fact for a buyer. I will be work who perfect for my work. Your extra knowledge is best for your work.

When you write a proposal for work, do not forget about the text of buyer.

  • 3. Do not Request for The Job.

    Be polite but do not request for the work. It’s harmful to your profession so try to show that how to solve the work. And try to know that what do your buyer want.

    Importantly concentration your buyer question. You ask your buyer. How do I complete the project and it will be good for you.

  • 4. Appreciate it

    If you get a chance, do not forget to persuade someone. But keep in mind that the truth is the affair. For example, someone’s eyes are not beautiful, you said that your eyes are beautiful.

    It’s a good idea to not do that from persuasion. Since the freelancing is not seen live in the world. So you can say that your ability to understand is very beautiful. Or, you can describe a very good project.

  • 5. Do not Say The Same Thing, Again and Again

    Would you be upset if you repeatedly questioned the same topic? If your answer is yes. But the same thing will be annoyed if you ask the same question repeatedly.

    Try to understand as little as possible, understand a few things. By doing this you will get some positives sign. The buyer will feel intelligent to you.

    And he will tell you that he is qualified for the job. He will give ten dollars more to him for this. Because the more you speak, the more mistakes you have.

How To Be Success Freelancer [Freelancing Guideline]

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