10 Question Never Forget When You Are a Freelancer.
A Millin worker in online marketplaces. But who is the freelancer make a success? Make a survey result of Freelancing successful worker only 48% or 50%. So, What is the reason for the success? Ther are the whole freelancer super talented or others. Share a little story with you.

Lion Bepro, he is a Non-educated guy but is now a top-ranked freelancer worker. He knows the only few jobs like Video editing, Photoshop, Data entry, WordPress Custom Plugin Development more.

What is the reason for my friend’s success? One Word Attitude nothing else. But the real attitude should not be a fake.

How to become a successful Freelancer Hidden Secret.

Matter of Success: Honesty, Time management, buyer relation buildup, And Useless Question.

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  • Q-1. What do you do?

    The question is unethical for a buyer persona. Some freelancer asks the question an excited. Focus the work and working details only no need to anything and don’t be personal.

  • Q-2. Could not understand the Jobs?

    I am don’t understand the jobs. Can you help me? If you ask the question buyer can’t provide the jobs.

Please Give me the jobs

Usually, a new freelancer requests the buyer to get the job. But doing this is completely wrong. If you know what to do, make a request. Your qualifications will help you get the job done.

If you have a buyer’s work, then take a milestone payment. Freelancing is a part of the job.

  • Q-3. I will not disappoint you. (Good Question)

    I’m new but I can? I have the experience of doing all this work in the new freelancing world.

Give some examples. So that the buyer can trust you that you can do the job.

  • Q-4. It does not matter for me to do this. (Bad Question)

    You know how to work. But it’s better to say no such thing. So that you feel arrogant. Try to keep yourself as good as possible.

  • Q-5. English speaking problem.

    The problem of talking in English is to be overcome. If you want you can do Joint in different English courses. You do not have to be very experienced in English. You can say and write English.

  • Q-6. I can finish the work on time.

    Don’t be excited be cool. Overexcited and confidence sometimes make a problem. Look at the buyer time and discussed the matter.

    Think the subject properly if you don’t finish the jobs is a limited time so, it’s better to ignore this jobs. Because of this ways create you reputation in freelancing world. Logically describe the subject in your mind.

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  • Q-7. I understand the work well.

    When you do a job you must have a good knowledge of the task. Moreover, know about the work of 80 %. Otherways, don’t take the jobs. Somehow you learn the jobs with YouTube video or Google search.

  • Q-8. Be Professional.

    Remember that you are a worker and your target is working. So, Try to do the best performance in every work. Have a mistake say sorry and complete your work without hassle. Never get involved in quarrels. If possible to cheek the work a to z again. It makes a better understanding of you and your buyer.

Remember that Simple sacrifices create a big solution.

  • Q-9. Don’t talk to lie.

    For this, you can not get the job done. It is much better to not get the job done than lying. That’s true. But you can apply any method. From intellect to capacities a lot.

  • Q-10. Maintain personality.

    Destroying your personality means to minimize yourself. So do not waste your personality in any way. Do not do any such work that the buyer thinks you are worthless. Never be sold to your personality. If that is the case, then it is better to apologize.

    There is a lot of work to be bigger than others rather than show yourself big Do not try to put any type of buyer. If you never like to buy your job. Humbly repented for him. By doing this you will get a new job near buyer.
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    Thank you for your valuable time.

10 Question Never Forget When You Are a Freelancer

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