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Have to create your blog account and already published your first blog post. Today We are in the second step of How to create an Awesome custom blog design. Read and see the full article step by step. You create a beautiful blog design.

  • Select Theme Option And Click
  • 2nd Custom Your Blog Template
  • Design Your Blog Body text
  • Blog Layout Design
  • Slider
  • Arrange the Header Menu
  • Making blog Footer

⇒Create Your Blog Account Within Minutes
⇒Create Your First Blog Post Within 10 Minutes

Step:1 Go the Blogging Dashboard And Click The Theme Option

Your Blog Account ready to arrange. Need to custom your blog template because it’s necessary for blogging. So that, A blog visitor easy to find your blog media or other. Moreover, a looking beautiful blog is an attraction to blog visitor. So let us see the tutorial and make a blog awesome. See the image below and click the option of Theme.

Custom Blog Design image
blog design image

Step:2 Custom Your Blog Template

Alongside you see the two option One is Customize and Second Option is Edit HTML. If you know the HTML languages then click the edit option. And customize your blog design with HTML coding. Otherways, Select the option of Customize and go to the second page. See the image below and flow the instruction.

custom blog design images
custom blog design images

Click the customize button and see the six step

Blog Template Designer image

Blog Template Option

  • Themes: At first theme option, and see the different type of theme with a category. Select Your theme as you like.
  • Background: Change Your background images color, font color, date color, subheading color etc.
  • Adjust Widths: Monitor widths adjustment as you wish you can change. Easy to change the adjustment like 70%, 80%, 60%, 40% etc.
  • Layout: Layout that means blog page basic style. You want to see that your blog menu bar show the life side or right side. Manage your social media account footer or header whatever. Where you have an option, it will be done with the layout.
  • Advanced: This advanced CSS will use the blog to change the design. CSS is a computer programming language.


Blog Template Layout Design

Look at the picture above. You can change the option drag and drop ways. Change Label, About, Blog posts, LED Search, Keyword, Footer. Change all option you choose.

INFO: If you see the following video you can do the above work. You do not have to know any computer language for this. Following the lines of the video, you can design blogs

How to Create an Awesome – Custom Blog Design [Series Tutorial]

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