You know to happy that blogging is the right platform to make money online. All ready to your blog for writing. Now, at this time to start writing about your topic. Remember that you write any topic you have to write a professional. It’s the main subject of success in blogging career. So, I next do. The Blog Post Writing Arrangement.

Data Processing Pictures

Write a Paragraph:

Worst your blog post in the Microsoft word. If the complete your writing then copy and paste your blogging area. Now, need to attach to the necessary element like video, images, sing etc.

Add Media File to Your Blog: 

See the icon of Add Media File click the option and upload your media file to your desktop computer in a blog post.

Blog Media file add
Blog Media file add

13 number option to add Video File to your blog. Just click the button and add your video file to your blog post.

And 14 Number option is a striker adder. When you click the option you can see the lots of stickers select and insert.

Next 15 Number option of the toolbar is different to 2 posts. If you select the icon you will separate the two paragraph.

16 This icon is controlled by your paragraph to the left to right and right to left.

17 No have a serial post like.

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E

And 18 Also like

  1. A
  2. B
  3. C
  4. D
  5. E

Next 19 Option Example:

Select the area then click the option and finally, you see blog post writing.


Hello Dear, How are you? I am fine also. Last 25 dates have an idea of what to do here? Maybe you know that or not.

It’s really disappointing to me or my family. Then I will try to stay happy. Although have no one besides for me. I hope you will come back my life.  Really I will miss you lots.


20 Extraordinary Gap Cover. Cover the whole paragraph and selected the option. Have any gap in the paragraph they will cover after a click.

See The Video Of How to write the best blog post?

If You Don’t see the tutorial part 1 of How to create a blog account?

See The Tutorial Part 1

Blog post SEO Images

Blog Post Label

What is a label? It’s simple arranges the category post. List the post if related another post. Like you wrote the post about how to write E-book? Then your next post is How to published your E-book? So, There are same labels in the post.

Write E-book Label-1

And Published E-Book Label -2

Blog Post Schedule

If you write the two or three post daily and you need to publish the post different time. The first post published in  Morning 9.00 pm and second post published at 01.30 am. All the post schedule you set this auto.

Blog Post Custom Link Create

2 type of like 

One: Manual create a link

Second: Custom link format

Let us see the Example

You write a post of How to manages your daily schedule?

If you don’t set your blog post link although automatically set your post link.

Auto Generated Like

https://Your Domain


Custom link Set up

You set the link only manages the daily schedule. So, you can change your blog post link.

https://Your Domain or As you like.

Set Blog Post Writing Location

Lots of different type of blog post published in every day. Like Video post, photography post, Audio post etc.

No need to set up a location for every blog post. But Video, Audio, photography post need to set up the location. And it’s better for your post.

Blog Post Search Description:

Its option is an important ever post. That is called summary of post or meta description. You write a post of Best Money Earning Apps. And finally, write a meta description to your post about. If you don’t know that what is meta description and how to write? You can find out the best article on Hubpost.

Know details about What is met, Tag? Why is it’s important for a Website or Blog? How to use on my web page or blog. Let us See the Video

You know more About Blog post Setting.


Start Your blog post writing today. And You don’t understand the all setting option. But day by day you learned all. So, don’t worry about the subject go ahead and start your blogging career.

I hope you enjoy the post. And I know you must succeed in your life.

Happy Blogging INFO

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The Blog Post Writing Arrangement Photo and Video Tutorial

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