This Series Post on blogging. We are covering the whole series on the blog. Create Blog Account With Blogger.

  • What is Blogging?
  • How to Start Blogging?
  • How to maintains my Blog Account?
  • How To Write Blog Post?
  • Add Midea File
  • Blogging SEO
  • How to apple google Adsense?
  • Approve Adsense your Blog

You will see through this paste How to create a professional blog account? How to Create Google Platform Blog?

What Is Blogging?

Blogging is free platform writing, photo, video, e-commerce etc. You can create any blog site for free. You can write on any topic you like. Earns money with a blog.

Start Blogging

Create blog account and start your blogging. Here simple step to bing blogging. If You know the how to use an internet can be done, anyone. So, let’s see the step to start blogging or write a blog.

  • Step – 2 Now Click [Create Blog account]

    Go to then you see the Create Your BLog option now click and sing in your Gmail account. And Finally, you see the picture above.

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  • Step – 3 Create Your Blog Post

    Blog Post
    Blog Post

    See the picture above. When creating a blog post, you will have to give the title first. If you know HTML to create a blog post. Don’t know the HTML have no problem. Because Without HTML knowledge you create a blog or blog account.

How to add pictures? How to use H1, H2, H3, tags. All information about creating a blog post.

Tutorial Part- 2  of  How to write the best blog post?


Get more information about blogging and know that how to making money blog?

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