What is Whaff Rewards?

Whaff gives the opportunity for your pocket money. Whaff Rewards is a Mobile Apps. And you can earn some extra money these mobile apps.
WHAFF Rewards Apps on Google Play

How to Start Earning in Whaff Rewards?

Download the apps and install your mobile device. You must add you invite code: DZ67637.
If you use my invite code then I will get paid $0.300 cent only one time.



How Can I get rewards? Your Paid Work

  • Whaff Premium picks: Install Lords Mobile: War Kingdom – Strategy RPG Battle. Complete the Game LV – (5) and get paid $0.150. If you don’t complete the mission. You won’t receive any rewards.
  • Whaff Picks: Lot’s of Picks available there. Name of Picks Find Baby Baldo, Word Puaale, Quiz, Correct identity, Answer questions correctly, Sweet Maker, Spelling Bee Challenge, Ice Cream Puzzle etc minimum $3 Doller Whaff Picks
  • Other Picks: Appnext Video Ad Every Day One Time. Video Ads one time daily. Adscend Media Install and open ads complete the survey and earn a point.
    • Lockscreen Earning: Download Whaff Locker and swiping your lock screen various and useful content will make your first screen look cool.
Whaff Rewards
Whaff Rewards

1. How Can Redeem My Rewards?

Get rewards from various picks and exchange the rewards with various redeem options!
Redeem Option:
Google Play Gift card, Facebook Gift card, Amazon Gift card, Xbox Gift card etc.

2. When Will I get My Payout?

You will receive your payout within 3 days excluding weekends. And Gift card codes can be found at payout history.
Withdraw your money with Viva Paypal (Min. $11.5), Blizzard Gift card (Min. $21), Amazon Gift card (Min. $11), iTunes (Min. $11.5), Google Play Gift card (Min. $11), and lots of various option.

10 More Mobile Apps Give the same opportunity.

3. WHAFF WALLPAPERS – Premium Picks

WHAFF wallpaper is a premium pick. If you download this app, WHAFF will give you some money. Download this premium app now if you have downloaded your WHAFF.

What is Whaff Rewards And How To Earn [A To Z]
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