Today We show that How to solve Amazon MTurk Work or micro jobs? And Try to show that how to do the work. Hope this article helps to your work on MTurk.

So, Dear at first we are showing that what type of Work on Amazon MTurk. Ever work are so funny but it’s the better think that. How to solve the Every Work? Complete your work and give. You don’t get the paid after submission. MTurk Cheek Your work If the work complete proper way then You get paid. Otherways Not.

Amazon MTurk Working List And One by One See that How to solve the Work.

Finding Particular Fields or Data Elements in Large Legal and Government Records – Micro Jobs

Find Out the particular information. Example Your Buyer want the information from X city. About a different kind of business Name, Address, Phone No, etc. Buyer person uses the information for marketing ways.

How to complete The Work?: Go to Google Search engine or other search engines. And search the City Of X. Collected Your news to Microsoft Excel file. When your work will be done then you can send this.

Pay For This Jobs: After you done the jobs then you will get paid in 5 to 10 dollar per work.


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Part-1. Work is to Collect Information

The buyer will give information about several websites of this project. As a provider, you will be able to collect certain data from those sites. And Save information to a file.

How it be completed?: It has to collect 200 data per hour. There is no special ability for doing this work. Actually, You must know how to copy and paste. The buyer will give you 120 dollars for the entire job.

Part-2. Transcription Jobs

Work Definition: This project will give pre-recorded audio files to the buyer. Your work will write in a file in English, listening to audio. So, Each hour gives $ 20 for an audio file transcript.

Qualification This work will be good in English for this purpose.


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Part-3. Documents Convergence.

In this project, you will give a document file in PDF format. Your work will copy in Microsoft Word. That is to say, the PDF, format, picture, footnote, etc. For this Jobs, you get 60 to 100 dollars.

Classic Ad Listings

This project is to add new ads to a classified or classified advertising website. For this reason, We have to collect the product information from the website. Like Amazon, eBay, Craigslist etc.

Pay The Work Then e-mails to the product’s eligibility and informs him about the website. The data entry of 500 such products is required. Buyer will pay you $ 250 for this job.

Part-4. Conclusion

About The Topic of How to solve amazon MTurk work or micro jobs?
If you do this work one or two times. Then you can do this jobs easy and first. So, Star your work in MTurk Website or Micro job website. You can also start the work in Freelancing website.
Like Upwork, Freelancer, guru, 99designs, Fiverr, etc.

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Suggest Option 2. Amazon Mechanical Payment Option gift card, transfer the funds to your bank account, Payment in Indian Rupees.



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How to Solve Amazon MTurk Work Or Micro Jobs ? [Worker Help]
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