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Amazon Mechanical Turk is an online micro jobs provider website. This website related to Amazon E-commerce. But Amazon gives the opportunity to earn extra money online. What type of work Amazon Mechanical Turk gives?

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1. Example Work

Data Processing, Email-Marketing, Product Promotion, Collected information, Social media posting etc. If you don’t know how to start the work of Turk. So let’s talk about the process. At first, go to the website of Amazon Mechanical Turk and sing up.

Then You got a verification email address click the URL. When you click the URL, then your sing up complete. Now, How to do the work of Amazon Mechanical Turk?

2. Amazon Mechanical Turk Hit

Do you know about the HIT? Turk Call the work of HIT. When you hit the work for doing, then need an experienced exam.

If you pass the exam then you are selected for this work. Not only this work but also related work you can do this any time when this work is available for Amazon Mechanical Turk website.

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3. Now The Question is How Many Works You Can Do?

This question answer is. You can solve the unlimited question answer. How much money earned from this website? It’s no limit for you.

It depends how many jobs you have done? More job more earning. But when you complete a job, then submit and if your job is 100% ok then you get paid.

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4. Pay For Job – Amazon Mechanical Turk

Easy to earn every day $5 to $10 or more. Paid for every job .50 to $2 sometime it’s more. But need to know how to complete Amazon Mechanical Turk Work.

If you don’t know that how to complete the jobs. Please don’t do this because it’s lost your valuable time.

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5. Amazon Turk Review

More than 1.5 Million workers in Turk website. And Every work got paid for the complete work. You can’t find them a worker who can’t pay for the jobs. So you are secure for this website.

Sing Up Amazon Turk Website.

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