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  • Mobile Apps Ad Network.
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  • CPM by Countries
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Apps Ad Network – AdMob

AdMob By Google. More than 1 Million Apps using AdMob. AdMob are the Number one mobile apps add Platform. And Maximum 200 billion ad request per month has come in AdMob.
eCPM report For Last month the only US.

Earn More With AdMob:

When you do Admobi. At the same time can be associated with other ad companies. Admobi allows you to maintain all ad networks from the same place.
When you published an ad in your apps. AdMob automatically show that which ad network is showing that highest paying ad.

AdMob Supporting Network

AdMob Supports from another network AdColony, AMoAd, Domob,
Flurry, InMobi, Jump Tap, MdotM, Millennial, MobFox,


Per Advertising Platform – Applovin

It might be the case that the publisher lands up serving added or fewer impressions than you originally budgeted for. This is often wherever eCPM comes in. eCPM (effective price per mille) is that the term used for the ad revenue that’s really generated from 1000 impressions. The formula is:
eCPM (effective cost per mille) = (Total ad spend / Total measured ad impressions) x 1,000

Applovin eCPM report imageApplovin eCPM report image
Applovin eCPM report image

Mobile Apps Earning System.


InMobi Image
InMobi Image

InMobi is a different advertising Company. InMobi Start in 2017 but make lots of success. The InMobi customer is part of the company. Have any problem in 24 hour’s you can knock on customer manager.

InMobi eCPM rat increases by day-to-day. InMobi Add Placement system see the image above.


Adtapsy gives the best eCPM for little traffic. autopsy eCPM rat better than another company. Support ad format static interstitials, rewarded and non-rewarded videos etc.
See The Adtpsy eCPM report below.

Adtapsy eCPM image
Adtapsy eCPM image


AdTapsy is one in all the primary mediation firms that don’t admit network adapters. Save lots of some time, we’ve bundled all ad networks SDKs into one light-weight SDK, and every one you would like to try and do is just add it to your project. There’s no hustle to hunt adapters or integrate alternative SDK.
If you are a zero knowladge of SDK.

Much money Apps Make Per Advertising [Calculate Information]
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